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About us

We created Santevia to be different from other water filter companies.

We believe water can change people’s lives

We believe that healthy water should be shared by everyone. As such, our products are designed for health, sustainability and to give back to a global community. Our team of naturopaths, chemists, engineers and good, honest, hard-working individuals have spent 11 years perfecting water filters that give you great-tasting water and an optimal balance for your body.

At Santevia, we aspire to live happy and healthy to 100 years old

One way we try to do this is by diving deep into the maze of peer-reviewed articles that support the alkaline body movement. Our team uses first-principles thinking to distill health and wellness strategies to their core principle, balance. And wonderful things happen when life is in balance.

Meet David and Yvonne

Our founders, David and Yvonne, created Santevia because they were tired of doctors prescribing pills to combat David’s acid reflux. When they learned that others felt the same way and wanted a natural remedy, they decided to do something about it.